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UTSUWA BEACON by 埠頭 |futou公式オンラインストア

Kagamien / Annante 7-inch plate

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Mr. Kagamien's Annan hand 7-inch plate.

Size: approx. 21cm

*Approximate size.

A series of floral patterns created using a Vietnamese technique called Annante. After carving the lines, pouring the Gosu glaze and firing it creates a unique bleed. It is a masterpiece that combines cuteness with a touch of bitterness. It has an almost flat shape with a slight recess in the center. It can be used as a dessert plate, or as a main dish because it is large enough, you can use it as a main dish and make use of the extra space to make the dish even more appealing.

There are pinholes that occur during firing as shown in the 4th image, but there is no problem with normal use. We would appreciate it if you would consider purchasing only if you can appreciate the taste.

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As it is handmade, there are individual differences in size, color, and pattern.

・Depending on the piece, there may be minute crack-like patterns called intrusions or very small pinholes.

・Please understand the characteristics of the above-mentioned artist's vessels before purchasing.

・As this product is also sold in stores, in the unlikely event that the product is out of stock due to misselling, we may cancel your order.