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UTSUWA BEACON by 埠頭 |futou公式オンラインストア

Takahashi Rin / Katakuchi pot (wood kiln)

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A wood-fired kiln work by Mr. Takahashi Takahashi. It's a single-mouthed bowl that looks good for serving food.

Size: Long side 15.5 cm x Short side 13.5 cm x Height 6.5 cm

*Approximate size.

Mr. Takahashi's wood-fired works were well-received at his solo exhibition at Futou at the end of 2021. We only have one last Katakuchi-bachi left, so we will also introduce it on our online store. This is a wonderful piece that allows you to enjoy the unique texture of a wood-fired kiln. The base is a turquoise glaze, but some of the purple color appears because it is fired in an oxygen-deficient state through reduction firing. The grayish parts are said to be the result of being covered with firewood ash. There's really a lot to see. This is a masterpiece that can be called Mr. Takahashi's earliest work in a wood-fired kiln.

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As it is handmade, there are individual differences in size, color, and pattern.

・Depending on the piece, there may be minute crack-like patterns called intrusions or very small pinholes.

・Please understand the characteristics of the above-mentioned artist's vessels before purchasing.

・As this product is also sold in stores, in the unlikely event that the product is out of stock due to misselling, we may cancel your order.