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UTSUWA BEACON by 埠頭 |futou公式オンラインストア

Seiichi Onishi (Tanseigama) / White Tanba Daimaru plate with edge

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This is Seiichi Onishi's white tanba platter.

Size: Approximately 25cm in diameter

This is a traditional white Tanba work by Seiichi Onishi, the third generation owner of Tanseigama, a pottery in Tanba Tatekui. Fabric with white makeup (unglazed) is fired in a climbing kiln. Although it is a traditional manufacturing method, it seems that there are very few potteries in the Tamba Tatekui area that handle it (because it is simply difficult). During the winter, he works hard to make firewood, and only fires the kiln a few times a year to produce a limited number of works. No two facial expressions are the same when covered with ash.

Since it has been polished with olive oil, it is somewhat resistant to stains, but oil stains will gradually appear, so this product is recommended for those who appreciate the taste. As it grows, the initial smooth texture changes to a smooth and moist texture due to the oil content. It has been used in many French restaurants, so there is no problem with using forks and knives (it doesn't make any unpleasant noises).

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As it is handmade, there are individual differences in size, color, and pattern.

・Depending on the piece, there may be minute crack-like patterns called intrusions or very small pinholes.

・Please understand the characteristics of the above-mentioned artist's vessels before purchasing.

・As this product is also sold in stores, in the unlikely event that the product is out of stock due to misselling, we may cancel your order.