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UTSUWA BEACON by 埠頭 |futou公式オンラインストア

Keita Suzuki / Cup (S)

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Keita Suzuki's cup. This is size S. This is only one item.

Size: φ8.5cm x height about 7.5cm

*Approximate size.

A cup made by Keita Suzuki, a potter in Chiba. As a teacup/pumper. It looks interesting even if you use it as a small bowl.

The shape is made by hand, giving a sense of distortion and softness. The inside has a beautiful flow of white glaze. But the best part is the feel of the outside. It has a smooth white makeup part and a rough part processed with a craft saw, giving it a unique feel that you will become addicted to.

Between smooth and rough? It feels soft and warm to the point of being lumpy. Suzuki's works have a mysterious feel that cannot be expressed using existing onomatopoeia. We especially recommend single-sided cups and cups that don't have handles, as you can enjoy their texture.

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・As there are multiple items in stock, the item you receive may not be exactly the same as the photo.

As it is handmade, there are individual differences in size, color, and pattern.

・Depending on the piece, there may be minute crack-like patterns called intrusions or very small pinholes.

・Please understand the characteristics of the above-mentioned artist's vessels before purchasing.

・As this product is also sold in stores, in the unlikely event that the product is out of stock due to misselling, we may cancel your order.