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Tanba Sasayama Nijiiro Farm Black Bean Tea/Black Genmaicha (Tea Bag)

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This is black bean tea and black brown rice tea that we received from Nijiiro Farm, which produces black beans and rice in Tamba Sasayama City, which is famous for its black beans.

There are various cultivation methods and manufacturing methods, but it simply has an outstanding aroma and taste.I personally bought it on a business trip and loved it so much that I wanted to introduce it to everyone.

It comes in a tea bag format that can be easily brewed by simply pouring boiling water.The black soybean tea comes in 15 bags and the black brown rice tea comes in 20 bags, so you can't miss the high cost performance that you can enjoy on a daily basis (each one is 500cc) (can be brewed).

The standard black bean tea is the best choice, but if you like a slightly different flavor, try the black genmaicha. The flavor is addictive, like drinking rice cake (!?). Please try and compare. Both are very delicious even if you boil them down with a small amount of hot water and then mix them with milk to make a latte style. It tastes strangely sweet even without sugar.

I think anyone can enjoy it with peace of mind even though it is caffeine-free.

* Regarding the expiration date, black bean tea will be delivered around April 2024, and black genmaicha will be delivered around November 2023.

Enjoy fragrant tea!

The following is from the Nijiiro Farm website

black bean tea

Black beans grown at Nijiiro Farm without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers (during the cultivation period) are roasted deeply and coarsely.
It is a rich and fragrant tea with no unpleasant taste.

black brown rice tea

Brown rice grown at Nijiiro Farm without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers (during the cultivation period) is roasted for a long time and coarsely ground.
It's fragrant and has a refreshing aftertaste, making it easy to drink. This is a tea that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways by changing its strength.